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Computing is a subject which offers many opportunities in an increasingly digital world. At Peterchurch Primary School, we teach children computing skills in line with the National Curriculum and utilise the Kapow Scheme. Computing skills are taught to the children in timetabled computing lessons utilising laptops, iPads and interactive tools.

Through the exploration of computer science, children will gain an understanding of how everyday objects in their lives work and identify inputs and outputs. Computer science also encourages children to develop their problem-solving skills and develops resilience to try again if they are unsuccessful to begin with. These skills can then be applied to many other areas of education and life. Our computing curriculum will, therefore, create children who are prepared for the modern world of work, providing them with an understanding of knowledge, concepts and skills.

We are also aware of the importance of teaching children of the opportunities and dangers which the digital world provides. Children will explore the potential of the online world, while learning about how to use it safely.












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Please refer to our Online Safety page for further information.