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Early Years


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Our early years class is known as Ladybirds Class. They thrive in our warm, inviting and stimulating environment.  Mrs Hill is our EYFS Lead Teacher and class teacher. Ms Nash and Miss Jordan support in our class throughout the week.

We have developed an exciting curriculum which follows the children’s interests alongside statutory needs from the EYFS framework and links with the National Curriculum. We enjoy lots of time outside and keep very busy. The children have many opportunities to explore carefully planned provision which develops and scaffolds their learning through play.

We currently have a 15 place reception intake. 

Our aim for the children in the Early Years Foundation Stage at Peterchurch Primary School is that our children should have opportunities and experiences that allow them to become independent, confident and enthusiastic learners.

A Unique Child

Through assessment and observation, we are able to identify each child’s interests, strengths and needs. This allows us to ensure that our curriculum and planning meet the needs of all children in our setting. We use ‘Tapestry’, a secure online journal, to record all the learning and fun of the children's Early Years education. Parents are able to log in and view annotated photos for their child that maps their progress and development throughout Reception.

Positive Relationships

We enable children to become aware of themselves as part of the wider school community by helping them to feel confident and secure within the Early Years and with the adults and children around them. We encourage the children to develop a clear understanding of how actions and behaviour impact on other people and the importance of respecting one another. A strong partnership between home and school is essential to support and foster children’s growing confidence in a new environment.

Enabling Environments

We are lucky to have a spacious and varied environment in our Early Years. As well as the classroom we have an area for painting, craft and messy activities and a large and inviting outdoor space and garden. The children have access to resources that can be used both inside and out and have ample opportunity to enjoy learning and exploring in all weathers.

Learning Developments

Our practical and challenging curriculum supports children as they develop and learn their own way. We provide opportunities for children to take risks in a safe environment and to widen their interests and skills in preparation for the rest of their time at Peterchurch Primary School.

We have strong links with the Golden Valley Pre-school and other local Early Years settings which help us to prepare children for their entry into school and to inform our understanding of the children’s individual characteristics and preferences before they even start with us.

The Early Years Framework

The Characteristics of Effective Learning and the Prime and Specific Areas of Learning and Development are all interconnected. The new statutory Framework became effective from in September 2021.

The classroom is organised to allow children to explore and learn securely and safely. There are areas where the children can be active, be quiet and rest. The room is set up in learning areas where children are able to find and locate equipment and resources independently.

Learning and Development is categorised into three prime areas of learning:

Communication and Language: Physical Development: Personal, social and emotional development:
Listening Gross Motor Skills Self-Regulation
Attention and Understanding Fine Motor Skills Managing Self
Speaking Building Relationships

Additionally, there are four specific areas of learning:

Literacy: Mathematics: Understanding the world: Expressive arts and design:
Comprehension Number Past and Present Creating with Materials
Word Reading Numerical Patterns People, Culture and Communities Being Imaginative and Expressive
Writing The Natural World

Achievement of these prime and specific areas of learning is underpinned by the Characteristics of Effective Learning (this is how the children approach their learning):

  • Playing and exploring - engagement (Being an Exploreosaur)

  • Active learning - motivation (Being an Itryceratops)


  • Creating and thinking critically – thinking (Being a Solveosaurus)

All of these are woven into our curriculum and are taught through a range of adult-led and child-initiated activities. Children are reminded about our dinosaur characteristics and can earn special stickers.      


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