Peterchurch Primary School


School Governors are a voluntary group of people with a range of expertise.  The Governing Body is made up of volunteers from staff, parents and the local community.

The Governing Body’s main aim is to raise standards of achievement and make sure the school provides a good quality of education. The day-to-day management of the school is the responsibility of the Head Teacher and staff. The governors are there to offer support and advice.


  • Provide a strategic overview

  • Act as a critical friend to the school

  • Accountability

If you would like to discuss anything with the Chair of Governors, Mrs Rose Lloyd or our Clerk to Governors, Mrs Sophie Williams, you can do via the school office.

Our Governors:

Category of Governor


Relevant Business Interests

Term of Office

All 4 Years

Committee Membership

Chair of Governors

LA Governor

Mrs. Rose Lloyd


Sep 2021-25

Staffing & Finance

Performance Management

PRP Appeals



Staff Governor

Mrs. Xanthe Hill


Sep 2019-23


Parent Governor

Mr. Neil Price


Sep 2021-25


PRP Appeals


Co-opted Governor

Mrs. Sarah Jones


Sep 2021-24

Staffing & Finance

Performance Management


School Council


Vice Chair of Governors / Co-opted Governor /Community

Dr. Richard Griffiths


Mar 2021-25

Performance Management Head



PRP Appeals

Parent Governor

Mrs. Denise Price


Sep 2018-22




 Parent Governor

Mrs Katherine Humberstone


 Dec 2021-25


 Parent Governor

Mrs Bridie Sullivan


 Dec 2021-25


Community Governor

Mr Sam Barcroft


Sep 2021-25


Clerk to Governors

Margaret Adams



Declaration of Interests

No members of the governing body have relevant business and pecuniary interests.

Governing Body Attendance

Mar 21 - Jan 22 Attendance at Meetings

Name of Governor

Jason Avards

Rose Lloyd

Sarah Jones

Richard Griffiths

Anthony Usher

Denise Price

Xanthe Hill

Neil Price

Sophie Williams

Joanna Bryan

Sarah King-Salter

Julia Graham

Alison Coupland

Sep 2019 N/A P P A A P P P P P A A A
Nov 2019 N/A P P P P P P P P P P P P
Jan 2020 N/A P P P P P A A P P P P A
Mar 2020 Meeting not held due to Covid Lockdown restrictions
Jun 2020 N/A P A P P P P P P P P P P
Sep 2020 N/A P P A P P P A P X P X X
Dec 2020 Report given to Governors for Meeting (not held due to Covid restrictions)
Jan 2021 P P P P P P P P P X P X X
Mar 2021 P P P P P P P P P X X X X
May 2021 P P P P P P P A P X X X X

P - Present      A- Apologies     X - Stepped Down

Full Governing Body minutes available upon request.  Please contact the school office.