Peterchurch Primary School


School Governors are a voluntary group of people with a range of expertise. The Governing Body is made up of volunteers from staff, parents and the local community.

The Governing Body’s main aim is to raise standards of achievement and make sure the school provides a good quality of education. The day-to-day management of the school is the responsibility of the Head Teacher and staff, if you have any queries or concerns, these should initially be directed to your child's class teacher, any serious concerns should be reported to the Headteacher. The governors are there to offer support and advice to the Senior Leadership team. If you have any concerns please follow the procedures outlined in the complaints policy. 


  • Provide a strategic overview

  • Act as a critical body to the school

  • Accountability

If you would like to discuss anything with the Chair of Governors, Mr Sam Barcroft or our Clerk to Governors, Helen Gough, you can do via the school office.

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Peterchurch Primary School - Governors (ID 1226)

  • Sam Barcroft
    Chair of Governors
  • Bridie Sullivan
    Vice Chair
  • Kate Humberstone
    Parent Governor
  • Xanthe Hill
    Staff Governor
  • Katie Pace
    Parent Governor
  • Rachel Pritchard
    Parent Governor
  • Kelby Garside
    Co-opted Governor
  • Barry Leach
    Safeguarding Governor

 If you need to contact the chair of governors please do so using email address

Category of Governor


Relevant Business Interests

Term of Office

All 4 Years

Committee Responsibilities

Head Teacher Mrs. Nia Powell Ex Officio Jan 2023 Curriculum Committee and Resources Committee.

Chair of Governors

LA Governor

Mr Sam Barcroft None Sept 2023-27

Resources Committee 

Vice Chair Governor Mrs Bridie Sullivan  None Dec 2021-25

Resources Committee

(Chair of committee)

Staff Governor Mrs Xanthe Hill  Staff  Sept 2019-23

Curriculum Committee

Parent Governor Mrs Katherine Humberstone None Dec 2021-25

Curriculum Committee

(Chair of committee)

 Parent Governor

Katie Pace


Nov 2022- 26

Resources Committee

Co-opted Governor

Rachel Pritchard


Nov 2022-26

Curriculum Committee

Co-opted Governor


Barry Leach


April 2023 - 27

Resources Committee and Curriculum Committee

Co-opted Governor


Kelby Garside


June 2023 - 27

 Curriculum Committee

Associate Member

Brendan O'Keeffe


Nov 2022 - 24

Resources Committee

None voting member

Clerk to Governors

Helen Gough


May 2023 -


Full Governing Body minutes available upon request.  Please contact the school office.

During the course of 2022/2023 a number of changes took place within Peterchurch Primary School including the appointment of several new Governors, the appointment of a new Headteacher in January '23 and the appointment of a new highly qualified and experienced Clerk to the Governing Body. On this basis Governors agreed that a review of the structure and responsibilities of the governing body was appropriate. As an outcome of this review, the Governing Body have decided to combine the functions of several of the previously established committees to improve efficiencies, communications and to reduce the number of meetings Governors are expected to attend. This decision will be reviewed on an annual basis.

The Governing Body now operates with the following committee structure.

Full Governing Body  - with meetings taking place on 6 occasions through the academic year. 

Curriculum Committee - to focus on Safeguarding, Curriculum, Performance, Standards and Communications.

Resources Committee - to focus on Finance, Health & Safety and Buildings.

The Curriculum Committee and Resources Committee also meet on 6 occasions throughout the academic year, normally two weeks prior to the Full Governing Body meetings, to which they report.

Additional committees such as "Complaints Committee" and "Appeals Committee" are formed as required.

Full details on the Terms of Reference for each committee are available through the links below.

Governor & Key Staff - roles & compliance pecurniary & business interest

Governor and Key Staff - meeting Attendance September 22 to July 23

Full Governing Body-Terms of Reference

Curriculum Committee-Terms of Reference

Resources Committee-Terms of Reference

Full Governing Body minutes are available upon request. Please contact the school office.