Peterchurch Primary School



In our last Ofsted Inspection we continued to be rated as a ‘Good’ school.  The report highlighted many positive features including:

  • It is well led and provides pupils with many positive experiences.
  • Lessons are well organised and expectations are high. Consequently, pupils make good progress in their learning and enjoy their time at school.
  • Pupils get a good grounding in what it means to make a positive contribution to society. A supportive, positive and ambitious culture flavours learning and school life.
  • Behaviour is typically very good and lessons run smoothly. Pupils are well mannered and quick to show initiative. The school is a safe and happy place to be.
  • The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development is a distinctive strength. Some aspects, such as attention to pupils’ moral development, are exceptional.
  • Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities receive informed support. Their needs are identified accurately and teaching and resources are adapted appropriately. In their comments to inspectors, several parents praised the school’s inclusive approach and attention to their children’s particular needs.


Whilst we are happy to remain a Good school we are always striving to improve. The inspection team agreed with the School’s own self-evaluation and recognised the following area as priorities for development:

  • The school should continue to support staff with well-targeted guidance and training so that the quality of learning in all subjects continues to improve
  • The school should review and improve the approach to teaching handwriting so that pupils’ handwriting improves across the school.


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