Peterchurch Primary School

Our Vision

After many positive consultations with the children, parents, staff, governors and community of Peterchurch, we have decided to change our motto here at Peterchurch Primary school to:

‘Happy Hearts, Curious Minds, Promising Futures’

Each of these components represents a core value and paints a picture of the type of environment the school aims to foster.

Our aim is to inspire a love for learning in a safe and happy environment so that children develop as independent learners and thinkers who are engaged and curious about the world around them. All of our children are filled with positive experiences and are nurtured both socially and emotionally from the moment they enter our school. We firmly believe that cultivating high aspirations and high self-esteem is the key to ensuring that children have the brightest possible future. Children will leave Peterchurch proud and equipped with the values, skills, knowledge and experiences that they need in order to succeed in life.

Our values are:


We aim to create a culture of limitless potential, with our pupils at the heart of everything we do. Our vision and values drive and shape all aspects of school life and are weaved throughout our curriculum.