Peterchurch Primary School

Pupil Leadership

There are lots of opportunities for children to develop their leadership skills in Peterchurch Primary School.

School Council

At the beginning of each academic year the whole school hold a, 'School Council Meeting,' to share the children's vision of how to improve the school environment and learning, including planning special events and trips. Everyone has the opportunity to have their say. Two School Councilors are elected from each year group, then once a month they meet to discuss events or topics in further detail and how they can achieve their vision. Their voice really does make a difference.

So far this year, the School Council have written letters to local business' to request some additional playground equipment, they were successful in receiving a donation from ASDA in Hereford. 


ECO Council 

We have an Eco-Committee, democratically elected from a variety of year groups and members may be volunteers. With the support of an adult Eco-Coordinator, the Eco-Committee meet regularly throughout the academic year, to plan and deliver environmental projects, and inspire their schoolmates and wider school community. 

Our ECO- Committee have worked hard this year, planting over 100 trees in our forest school area (donated by the Royal Forestry Society), supporting our community with the addition of a clothing bank (money raised will go towards ECO initiatives) and leading a whole school assembly on Healthy eating. 

Digital Leaders

Pupils in KS2 can apply to be part of a digital leaders’ team within their school. Their role is to support the use of technology, particularly iPads across the school. They do a variety of jobs including: 

  • Support the use of iPads and computers in school to support learning
  • Share their skills and expertise with other pupils, classes and teachers.
  • Assist the teachers setting up equipment in classrooms
  • Lead lunchtime or after school computing / iPad clubs.
  • Support teachers in using technology in the classroom.
  • Have a good understanding of how to stay safe with technology and share that with others.
  • Provide first line technical support in school.
  • Attend training sessions when they are arranged both in and out of school.

Playground Leaders

Each year year 4, 5 and 6 pupils are trained to become Playground Leaders. They receive training to lead younger pupils in structured, fun games at lunchtime.