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Many children at some stage of their education experience some difficulty with learning or an aspect of their learning and require additional support in any area of the curriculum in order to fulfil their individual potential.

The Head Teacher, Staff and Governors are committed to the integration of children with Special Needs.

The overall aim of our SEND policy is to provide structures within school which will enable each child to reach their own individual potential. The school employs a dedicated Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo) for one day per week to support class teachers, identify the level of difficulty a child may be experiencing, and liaise with parents and outside agencies.

Our philosophy with regards to SEND is:

  • to identify and support children with special educational needs and disabilities as soon as possible;
  • to inform parents of any concerns and work in close partnership to support the child;
  • to ensure that children feel included in lessons and to support them so that they are able to experience success;
  • to focus on the child’s strengths in order to raise the child’s self-esteem;
  • to ensure that children with special educational needs and disabilities are fully included in the whole curriculum and all school activities;
  • to use external experts to support the diagnosis and development of strategies to support children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Before any referral is made to outside agents, parents will be consulted and consent obtained. A copy of the school’s SEND Policy may be obtained from the school office or on the school website.

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