Peterchurch Primary School


Peterchurch Primary School teaches Science through practical activities and investigations, alongside opportunities for independent research. We want pupils to develop enquiring minds with a love of exploring the world around them. We aim for excellence, alongside excitement and enjoyment. Lessons are taught both in the classroom and outside when relevant to lessons; such as examining plants, exploring local habitats, noticing shadow changes to enhance their learning.

All teachers have excellent subject knowledge and are enthusiastic about teaching Science lessons. Children are given regular opportunities to plan and carry out practical investigations and we provide a range of scientific resources to enable them to do this as independently as possible.

Children are enabled to achieve the objectives set out in the national curriculum through our 2 year curriculum cycle. Where topics are repeated (such as plants in KS1 and then in KS2) then skills, language and understanding are embedded and built upon to deepen understanding. They are also given the skills to work scientifically, ask enquiring questions, perform investigations and observe results to answer questions. As part of each unit, a minimum of one scientific investigation will be carried out each term.

Correct Scientific vocabulary is used in all lessons to help children develop their understanding of the topics covered and the world around them. This vocabulary is built upon and added to throughout their journey through school.



Science Day

The children dressed up as scientists for the day and moved around the classes to complete different experiments!!