Peterchurch Primary School



We are very proud of our school.  It is an exceptionally happy and caring school. Bright and stimulating, it has a lively and purposeful atmosphere. It is special place where children thrive and are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to work in active partnership with parents and carers and are keen to play an active role within the Peterchurch village community.  We have a dedicated and highly skilled staff who are all committed to the children in their care, ensuring they feel valued and have a sense of pride in themselves, their school and their community.

Our aim is to inspire a love for learning in a safe and happy environment so that they develop as independent learners and thinkers who are engaged and curious about the world around them. Learning experiences at the school are carefully designed to develop deep thinking skills with an ability to reflect, consider, analyse and evaluate. Subjects are brought vividly to life in imaginative ways.  We recognise our children as unique individuals with often very specific talents and needs. We therefore work tirelessly to provide a broad, well-sequenced and engaging curriculum in order to ensure that we are a school where ‘no child’s talent is left undiscovered’ and where learning is full of memorable moments.

Whilst it is our priority that the children at Peterchurch receive an education that will enable them to achieve their academic potential and progress confidently into the next phase of their education, it is also part of our vision that all of our children are filled with positive experiences and are nurtured both socially and emotionally from the moment they enter our school. We firmly believe that cultivating high aspirations and high self-esteem is the key to ensuring that children have the brightest possible future.  It is these that give them the confidence to try new things without fear of failure. Through this approach, we work hard to give them the resources to handle emotional pressure or challenging situations.  Above all, it is this that enables them to envisage being successful individuals and valuable contributors to society.

We believe passionately that each and every child can succeed and we continually strive to do ever better for them.  We are particularly aware of the tremendous opportunity that we have to help children to make a real and positive difference to their futures.  Ours is a position of great responsibility but also one that is exciting, rewarding and a huge privilege.  Above all we recognise that our children have just one childhood.  It should be magical and wondrous, full of discovery and fun.  We have a duty to help them capture, delight in and benefit from these precious childhood years.  This is the foundation for the rest of their lives.


If you would like to know more about our school, visits are always welcome and encouraged. The staff and pupils very much enjoy talking about and sharing our achievements and successes and will be extremely proud to talk to you about our school.